Executive Management

Founded in 2007, Sawaeed Investment is a strategic unit modeled and realized through its mothership- Sawaeed Holding.

We are committed to the pursuit of investment excellence that had all the capacity but none of the constraints.
The company was originally designed to provide quality living space to lower-income households of Abu Dhabi. The concept was to develop a place which would welcome workforce from all nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds.

The result was a diverse team of professionals, zero bureaucracy, and the ability to source a global network who are the best in each of their individual disciplines devoted to servicing client’s needs.

In order to successfully achieve this aspiration, Sawaeed Investment made a massive investment of AED 200 million to build its first ever residential project named Sawaeed Residential City in Al Mafraq area in Abu Dhabi. This new housing complex has a capability to hold a workforce of up to 8,000. Besides managing its own residential complex, we also accommodate labor force of Sawaeed Employment LLC as well as deferent clients workers from different areas of the United Arab Emirates.

We are constantly reinventing because the world is constantly reinventing itself, too. Hence, we plan to expand our residential facilities by building or leasing additional accommodations across the country to contribute to our Government’s objective.