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Staff and Labour Accommodation in Abu Dhabi

Founded in 2007, Sawaeed Investment operates under the trusted wing of Sawaeed Holding. From day one, our spotlight has been on providing staff accommodation in Abu Dhabi to a rich tapestry of workers, celebrating every background. Through this dedication, we’ve built a cohesive team, streamlined our processes, and consistently prioritized our clients’ needs.






Approved Labour Accommodation

SRC Facilities

We offer camp rental services to companies looking for neat, healthy, and professionally maintained safe secure environment for its labor or employees.

Offering tailored staff accommodation in Abu Dhabi with customized facilities to meet the unique needs of your workforce.
Featuring a dedicated team of managers who ensure workers receive homelike labour accommodation in Abu Dhabi, serving as a tranquil retreat away from home.
Committing substantial investments in facilities, equipment, transportation, and additional services to guarantee total customer satisfaction within our well-established Abu Dhabi labour camp.
Our comprehensive testing facility ensures the availability of high-quality tradesmen for various occupations.

Why Choose Sawaeed Investment as Best Labour Camps in UAE?

Choose Sawaeed Investment LLC—your partner in investment excellence and corporate responsibility since 2007. We are specialists in offering premium labour accommodation in Abu Dhabi, focusing on fostering diverse and inclusive communities. Our operations are deeply rooted in ethical principles and a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, ensuring we consistently add significant value to our stakeholders. Trust in our unwavering integrity, groundbreaking innovation, and profound commitment to enriching lives and making a positive impact through strategic investments.

Sawaeed Infrastructure

Extensive 31,000 Sqm Campus with Complete In-House Support.

Healthcare Services

WIFI Service

24/7 Security


Indoor & Outdoor Playground

Cafe & Restaurant

International Quality Assurance Certification


Sawaeed Investment LLC integrated management system has been registered by Intertek, a UKAS accredited body as conforming to the requirements of:

ISO 9001:2015ISO 14001:2015ISO 45001:2018

The management system is applicable to:Providing Services of Facilities Management and Labour Accommodation Management.

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